Change Management

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Why Change Management

Transformation Management (TM) in an enterprise is the most critical success factor for the implementation of an information system project. Most projects fail due to the “Human Factor” for which reasons:
1. Έλλειψη εµπλοκής του τελικού χρήστη
2. Έλλειψη δέσµευσης από την διοίκηση της εταιρείας
3. Αντίσταση στην αλλαγή
4. Μη επαρκή εκπαίδευση

With the appropriate implementation of TM, the Project Sponsor aims to minimize the impact of the most common negative factors and to turn problems-disadvantages into advantages. The role of Transformation Management is to prepare and ensure that:
• The business (ie all employees who do not participate in the project (team)delete) are ready to accept and use the new system,
• The system has been configured and (behaved/ is behaving in accordance)/ complies with the best practices and information needs as identified in the design phase/blueprint.

When Transformation Management is needed?

• Implementing a new system
• Pivoting your product
• Restructuring the company
• Acquiring a company
• Getting suppliers to use a new web-based process
• Relocating office spaces within an existing building
• Implementing an ERP solution
• Changes in senior leadership

Vellum’s role


Vellum’s role is supportive to the Change Management team with the development and implementation of the Strategy and Communication Policy. Based on the company’s available resources and relevant experience, Vellum’s consultants act as Change Manager (CM) and coordinate the operation of CM together with the help of staff or in some cases play the role of CM.

Transformation Management affects the following business areas

Business Adaptation
It includes all transition activities from today’s to tomorrow’s business

Authorizations include all activities for creating profiles in the system and combining them in specific roles and users.

Education is a very important function / Proper training is very important. Lack of it is considered one of the most important factors in the failure of system implementation. Training is divided into the two areas of process training and system training.

Data Cleansing & Migration
It is one of the most important tasks for the transition and installation of a new information system. File cleaning and migration need feedback from several company’s departments, so it needs to be scheduled as soon as possible.

Integration Testing & Acceptance
One of the most important areas for a smooth transition of an information system is the Integrated Testing & Acceptance phase. If the test is performed correctly, human handlings errors are the most common problem source.

Contingency Planning
It is the planning to avoid unexpected problems before the day of switching a system to live operation (Cut-off Date). The purpose is to minimize any business damage that may result from unforeseen events that will delay data migration or a smooth transition to production.

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The Transformation management team structure

Our expert transformation management consulting team will partner with you from day one of your project to build knowledge and internal capacity.


The team The TM team consists of the following roles:

  • Director of Transformation Management
  • The Director of Personnel and Internal Communication
  • The Quality & Organization Manager
  • Project support functions
  • The Trainers