Network Guidance

The relationship with your associates is yet another aspect of your business. Network Guidance helps you have the partners you need.

What Network Guidance has to offer

Network guidance purpose is to change the mindset of a company’s network of partners to increase network efficiency and partner profitability.

Succes factors for the Industry

Market / Consumers

" Digital transformation and the creation of omnichannel approaches of the consumer and/or customer differentiates the field of competition. The winners will be the innovators and pioneers in the way the consumer is approached."

Wholesalers / Distributors

"The role of distributors is the evolution and transformation of the market and supply chain. Companies that take over as distributors the sales network of an industry, often due to size, do not have the necessary resources to meet their objectives and meet expectations"

Competitive Advantage

"It is well known that the sales network of an industry, particularly an industry in the competitive consumer sector, is a key advantage. A competitive network ensures that products are on the right shelf, without shortages, at the lower cost of the supply chain from robust and financially sound businesses."


We propose the circular approach

Industry must take a more active role

Industry must take an active role in informing and guiding distributors and its sales network in order to evolve and meet the new market requirements

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Coaching and Informing the Businessman


We will strengthen and equip the entrepreneur with the right tools to be able to run his company in a more professional way.

The goal is not to learn sales or warehouse organization techniques but:

• Data Driven Management
• Implement and monitor KPI’s
• HR systems
• etc.