Diagnostic Study – HSDR

We diagnose existing investment opportunities in technologies and analyze all alternative future investment scenarios to increase your company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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"The High Spot Diagnostic Review (HSDR) is aimed at companies interested in investing in new processes and new IT systems and need a quick diagnostic study that will analyze the current situation and alternative future scenarios of investment in systems and technologies.

HSDR achieves the process of detailed study, design, development and installation of new systems to be more effective, because with HSDR the end result will be:

• With clear business objectives.
• Integrated
• Properly prioritized/classified
• Aligned with corporate strategy “

Vellum - Ο συνεργάτης σου στον ψηφιακό μετασχηματισμό
Vellum - Ο συνεργάτης σου στον ψηφιακό μετασχηματισμό

The purpose of HSDR

An HSDR aims to make concrete proposals to the management of the company, graded by importance, for new systems, methods, procedures, policies and organizational structures, which will contribute to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

When is necessary?

The best time for this diagnostic review is when a company finds that the time has come to take the next step. That is, when it has decided to install new Management Information Systems, with the aim of:

• Further automation of existing operating procedures, as they are.
• Improve/upgrade existing processes and functions while automation.
• The development and implementation of a new organizational structure, new functions and new reengineering policies that will be automated to the fullest extent possible.

Our methodology

The process starts with personal interviews with the company’s executives. First with the general manager or entrepreneur and continues with the other roles. Depending on the organization chart and activities, the directors of all departments participate.

During the discussions, an attempt is made to establish the way and philosophy of the management, as well as the corresponding tools and methods used. In other words, the Key Success Indicators and Key Success Factors of the company and each business unit / department are identified separately

During the interviews there is discussion about all these issues in the manager’s area of responsibility, the interactions of the department’s performance in relation to other departments, the collection of important reports, incoming or generated. The general flow of functions and information, as well as the problems reported, is also recorded.

Then, following a specific methodology and approach, all the data and information collected are studied and processed and presented to the Company’s Management. Proposals, in the form of alternative scenarios, are discussed with for the choice of the most appropriate of them.

Areas of review

The areas where the emphasis is placed are:

• Vision
• Strategy
• Business Environment
• Competitive Landscape
• Management Philosophy and
• Operations

For our proposals to be implementable, they must always be based on the current situation and on the assessment of the ability and commitment of the company’s management and people to absorb and take advantage of the proposed changes.

The goal is not to implement a transformation but to achieve the company’s visions and goals through it.

Thus, a global understanding is acquired of the company and the competitive environment in which it operates, as well as of the problems it faces, thus documenting the proposals for the new or improved systems of the company, such as:

• Budget and Budgetary Control
• Costing and Cost Control
• Administrative Reports
• Accounting Standards and Procedures
• Financial Systems
• Financial Management
• Procedures
• Supplies – Purchases
• Inventory – Warehouse Management
• Customer Relations Management
• Automation of Sellers
• IT Policy and Practice, i.e. Hardware and Software Systems
• Organizational Structure (Company Organization Chart)

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Project’s Deliverables

The final deliverable of HSDR is a summary report of the findings and corresponding proposals presented to the management of the company. This report provides alternative proposals for the realization of the opportunities identified and describes the next steps for the transformation of Management and IT systems in the areas mentioned.


A HSDR can last between five and fifteen days depending on the size of the company plus few days for the finalization of the conclusions and the final report.

What is not HSDR

HSDR has no purpose and cannot, within the short period of time it takes place, provide final and detailed solutions. Its sole purpose is to diagnose areas where there is room for improvement in the functions and procedures applied, as well as in the corresponding organizational structures that exist, utilizing technology. Its aim is also to make alternative proposals, to prioritize them, and to propose the Action Plan for the implementation of these proposals.